Meditations on the Heart 

Meditations on the Heart  Each booklet combines Mary's inspiring meditations received in the Oracular Tradition through Lisa Sloan, Ph.D. with beautiful photographs by Marilyn Browning, M.A.

These mediations emerged from the Mary Meditation group which met regularly in the Los Angeles area for the purpose of individual and world healing.  The meditations have been revisioned into those that form this series. 

They are intended to be worked with individually and shared with others. As you will discover, they involve the spiritual practice of welcoming Mary into your heart for the purpose of awakening you to who you are and expanding awareness to of the presence and force of Love to embrace suffering.These meditations on the heart are personally transforming, while encouraging us to become agents for healing and peace

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Mary Meditations
KAUAI: Nature Speaks to the Heart

Sacred Journey with Mary to the Heart of Kauai

In this booklet, scribed on the island of Kauai and accompanied by beautiful photographs, we access our profound relationship to Nature through a new way of working with Mary in which she listens to the Wind, the Ocean, the Earth, the Mountains, the Rain, the Clouds, and Pele and transmits their healing messages and healing energies into our individual lives. 

What comes through illuminates the importance of sacred sites and explains how information and energy is communicated over great distances and how interconnected and interdependent are all parts of the planet and all life upon it.  

We learn  how important the human being is to the  restoration of balance.  

“When you reach out with gratitude and love to any spirit of nature . . .  you have an actual effect on the rhythm of the planet.  If you send your love in concentrated prayer, it has a tremendous effect of helping restore balance and harmony to the earth.”
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