The Oracular Tradition

The Oracular Tradition, from an historical perspective it is a spiritual discipline that has existed in many cultures, within many different healing systems, for thousands of years.  

Those who spoke the Oracles of ancient Greece are primary examples of this tradition. Shamans throughout the ages have invoked, embodied and become one with spiritual helpers for the purpose of sharing healing and spiritual knowledge.  For over 800 years a state supported oracle has been part of the spiritual tradition of Tibet.  

There are meditation practices in various spiritual traditions that are designed to awaken inner awareness and wisdom.  Buddhism and Sufism have meditation practices that are structured to similarly invoke the presence of a spiritual master or the inner Buddha with whom one can then merge, awakening this innate presence within.  

Here is a description of my experience of welcoming Mary during a Mary Meditation that is similar to these ancient practices: 

When I call upon and welcome the beautiful energy of Mary, I first sit in quiet meditation and ask that the bodhisattva presence be awakened in my heart and mind and body. I then call upon Mary and see her appearing before me, surrounding me, and finally, gently merging with me. I feel imbued with a radiant and loving presence. This presence stretches and fills me with a perceptive light that embraces everything and everyone that is present.  The usual constraints of my own personality disappear and the qualities of compassion, joy, and insight are magnified. I never lose my own consciousness in the process and  yet my consciousness is transformed, expanded, and illuminated by Mary's presence and love.  

This gift of Mary's presence in my life has been a blessing and has developed, over the years, into the practice of the Mary Meditations. 

It is my hope and intention that this work bring blessings into our lives, into our relationships, and into the world.  

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Mary Meditations