In 1987, while in meditation, Lisa Sloan saw a brilliant white light traveling toward her, from a distance, at great speed. In the center of the light which came to surround her, was the form of a beautiful female figure. Touched by beauty and warmth of this presence, she asked, "Who are you?" She heard in response, "Mary."  "Mary who?" Lisa asked, tentatively. "The Virgin Mary", was the reply. 

After this vision, an extraordinary series of experiences began to unfold. Lisa was guided, with the encouragement of her friend Marilyn Browning, to sit in meditation and to ask Mary why she had come to her and  what she wanted to say.  

Mary responded that she was undergoing a transformation whereby her image, power, and presence are evolving and expanding. She stated that it was urgent at this time in history that she reach and touch as many people as possible in order to open our hearts to who we really are. When this happens, she said, both she and the world are transformed.   

She says that when she is welcomed into our heart there is a mutual healing that takes place. When she is awakened in our heart, a radical shift in consciousness occurs as we become aware of our inner Divinity. As our awareness is increased and illuminated, Mary's presence and power in the world is simultaneously expanded, and by this mutual awakening the entire world is affected by a new consciousness, which has as its ultimate purpose the transformation and healing of the world through Love. 

Many have joined the Mary Meditations  over the years. It is our hope that you too will be inspired to share this Sacred Journey. 


Mary Meditations
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